Can we talk about how Killian is so worried that freaking out on Will may have done damage between them? And how she so quickly rubs her hands down his ams and into his hands and reassure him that it’s okay? Because this killed me.

This means she knows how hard he’s trying for her. She KNOWS who Killian is. She knows who he was, and she KNOWS how he’s changed. She expects there to be rough patches and times where Killian struggles more than others, but she’s okay with that. Because she knows where his heart is. It’s with her, and it’s with what’s best for her. She knows how damaged she was and how she is struggling with things herself. Why would she expect her pirate to be any different? This is new for both of them, and they are both trying to be the best they can be for one another.

Whether or not that hand was cursed or not, Killian’s heart is still in the same place.  With Emma. For Emma. She knows that. He wanted the hand off because he THOUGHT it could ruin all the progress he’s made. Whether a mind game by Rumple or an actual curse, it scared him. His past scares him. He’s finally so close to everything he’s dreamed about for so long. He’s finally close to having someone again.  A light in his life. A guide. Love. Someone who reassures him who he is. He can’t dare lose that.

But some scars are deeper than others, some take more time to heal. And when someone like the Dark One is trying so hard to make you break, it takes everything you have to try to stay the man you KNOW you are. And by going to Rumple in the first place, while it was a mistake, he’s now in a rough situation and has to do everything he can to get the best outcome from it possible. If he was the same man, he wouldn’t care. He would go after Belle. He wouldn’t care who got hurt in the process. All he would care about is taking down his crocodile. But that is simply not the case. He IS a changed man, and the most important thing in his life right now is Emma. If to him that means playing puppet to Rumple right now, that’s what he’s gonna do.

Yep, it’s gonna kill us all seeing Killian have to cancel plans with Emma, tell her he can’t come over tonight, tell her he can’t go to lunch, all because Rumple is calling the shots, but it won’t last forever, and it’s gonna make them grow stronger. You see how much she’s into him. She isn’t gonna just be like “Oh well I guess he’s just not that into me anymore, Oh well.” Nope, Adam said we will see Emma fight for him this season, and that my friends, is what we are about to see. 


Anonymous asked:

So wht didn't Hook just tell Emma the truth?

captain--kitten answered:

Because he’s mad at himself?

Because he’s unsure of how she’ll react?

Because he’s trying to protect her?

Because he just hasn’t had the chance yet?

I mean, who knows.

But he will tell her, he always does.

I think a lot of us are forgetting a crucial element to Killian Jones:


(He actually reminds me of Sirius Black in this aspect. A lot.)

I mean just look at this fucker:


(gif: x)

He’s standing there like a goddamn Backstreet Boy at the start of a concert, and then with the hiding his new hand behind his back for that dramatic reveal (which Emma totally misses lolololol x eternity) I can’t even deal.

He just has a flair for the dramatic, he always has. 

Look, this asshole’s heart is bigger than his head. It’s one of his best qualities, but it can also get him into jams from time to time. On top of this, he’s pretty much the definition of a Byronic anti-hero, all broody and melodramatic. One of the most beautiful things about Captain Swan is that Emma anchors him and balances out the light and dark within him. 

But he’s still a dramatic, sassy, beautiful, broody, dashing rapscallion. And he always will be. 

😂😂😂 u said he looks like a backstreet boy 😂😂😂


when killian switches modes from playful banter to serious romancing and his voice drops even lower that he basically whispers ‘will you go out with me again’ with so much uncertainty and hope in his voice like maybe she’ll say no what if she still doesn’t like me what if she steals my new jacket like doesn’t it give your heart a little squeeze because they’re so precious and new at this together and so perfect whispering about next time they’ll spend more time together later into the night in Emma’s own place without interruptions or ogling parents and alone together finally and it’s just so easy and precious and coffee is the new tacos im gonna go cry about it now bye